Friday Freebie!

Let’s have a little Friday Freebie fun! On Friday, September 19th, 2014, the price of the Kindle version of Star Trails Navajo on will be $0.00! Fall is approaching, with cooler temperatures and less humidity. The moon is approaching its New phase and will be below the horizon for the first part of...

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Oak City Bike Overnight

A friend recently alerted me to an overnight bike trip being organized by a local independent bike shop. We’ve both been interested in expanding our camping skills to include travel by bicycle. He was unable to go, but I seized the opportunity to end my procrastination and get an S24O under my belt. My...

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Birkhead Hike Trip #215

Just a few miles southwest of Asheboro, NC, in rural Randolph County, lies the Birkhead Mountains Wilderness. This is a relatively small unit in the USFS-managed system, and one of just a handful of designated Wildernesses in North Carolina. Unlike many other Wilderness areas, the Birkhead Mountains Wilderness contains numerous historic remnants that are...

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