Slow Boat to Ocracoke

After five long years without a motorcycle trip together, Brian and I finally rode away from my house on Halloween morning. The heavy traffic and straight roads in my part of the state are pretty high on Brian’s list of dislikes. I’ve learned to put up with it. I made sure our route started out on the...

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Getting On The Road Again

Brian and I were somewhat shocked last year to realize it had been more than five years since our last motorcycle trip together. This was true despite seeing each other several times a year (he is married to my first cousin). There was no particular reason for our lack of trips other than time, distance, and life’s increasingly busy schedules. No doubt...

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Trail Areas of the Uwharrie, Part 3

This is the third of a three-part series about the different trail areas covered in the second edition of the Uwharrie Lakes Region Trail Guide. The guidebook is organized in sections, one for each geographic area containing trails. Sections are ordered alphabetically, making it easier to find a specific trail area when flipping through...

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Thanks Giving For Trails

With another Thanksgiving holiday nearly behind us, I’d like to take a moment to offer my thanks to those whose efforts over the years have made it possible for everyone to enjoy the trails in the Uwharrie Lakes Region (and beyond). Trail builders definitely deserve thanks. Trails don’t come about or stay in place...

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Wish Upon A Star

Have you been waiting to make a wish? Maybe you can’t wait until your birthday to blow out those candles. Maybe there isn’t a water fountain nearby to throw a few coins in. Don’t forget about wishing upon a shooting star! Spotting a shooting star isn’t exactly easy, but your chances of seeing one...

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Uwharrie Trip Finder

Have you ever had trouble deciding where to take a group of less-experienced hikers? The Uwharrie Lakes Region Trail Guide provides a solution with Trip quick reference tables and the online Uwharrie Trip Finder! Several Scoutmasters recently told me of their challenges planning a hiking or backpacking trip  when the group of Scouts included...

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