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Have you ever had trouble deciding where to take a group of less-experienced hikers? The Uwharrie Lakes Region Trail Guide provides a solution with Trip quick reference tables and the online Uwharrie Trip Finder!

Several Scoutmasters recently told me of their challenges planning a hiking or backpacking trip  when the group of Scouts included younger boys. Finding trails that newer hikers can handle is difficult if you aren’t already familiar with trails you can choose from. Choosing a location can also be a challenge for more experienced hikers.

I learned to backpack on the trails in the Uwharrie Lakes Region when I was a young Boy Scout. There are a number of reasons why this area is a great destination for beginning hikers and backpackers.

The rural nature of the area and the ecological diversity found along the trails offer a wonderful back-country experience without being extremely remote. The ancient Uwharrie Mountain range has been worn down over time, but still retains enough elevation change to make you earn the top of each hill. Being able to drive to the Uwharries in lass than two hours is convenient for the 8 million or more people living in the central Carolinas.

The abundance of trails in the area offer lots of options for choosing a route to suit your group’s abilities. In the Uwharrie Lakes Region Trail Guide, I included over fifty Trips for common routes that use more than one trail. Most of these Trips follow loop routes, as many hikers prefer a loop instead of a simple out-and-back hike.

Convenient quick reference tables are included in the back of the guide book. I’ve also posted a version of the Trip quick reference table online, called the Uwharrie Trip Finder. This table includes Trips for hikers, bikers, equestrians, and OHV enthusiasts. Details in the table include mileage, elevation gain/loss, trail area, trailhead name, which uses are allowed, and whether the Trip is near a campground or allows primitive camping.

Posting the quick reference table online allows you to filter and sort the information to help narrow down your search for a Trip that best suits the abilities or time schedule of your group. Are you looking for a daytrip between five and eight miles long? Are you looking for a weekend backpack trip that is fifteen to twenty miles long? The Uwharrie Trip Finder can quickly point you to Trips that match!

The Uwharrie Trip Finder table includes the page number for each Trip, so you can easily turn to that Trip in your copy of the Uwharrie Lakes Region Trail Guide. Take a closer look at a set of Trip pages in this PDF file. If you don’t have a copy of the guide yet, please order a copy here!

Hiking on the Yates Place Trail.
Hiking on the Yates Place Trail.


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