Guidebook feedback wanted

With close to 6,000 copies of the Uwharrie Lakes Region Trail Guide having been sold, I’m convinced this book proved itself to be a project worth doing. I incorporated some features in the guidebook that I as a hiker wanted to have in a trail guide but didn’t often see in others. These features included “trip” descriptions (in addition to “trail” descriptions), elevation profile graphs, and quick reference charts.

As I’m contemplating writing more guidebooks and updating the Uwharries guide, I thought I’d seek feedback from other trail users on whether those features contributed to the appeal of the Uwharrie Lakes Region Trail Guide. We also have access to new technologies now, such a GPS and ebook readers, which are more readily available than ever before. I’d like to know if hikers are really making use of this new technology.

To collect your feedback, I’ve created a simple survey where you can help me determine which guidebook features you find helpful. Please take a moment to share your thoughts!

Guidebook Format Survey closed




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