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Below are some of the products and services I use and feel good about recommending to my friends. Sharing my experiences with these items might be useful or interesting to you and the affiliate programs are a small way to support these businesses and help with my website expenses.

Camping Gear

Six Moon Designs’ Lunar Solo (tent) Update 3/18/2018 – Just read that Six Moon Designs is updating this tent with new materials in 2018. More to come.

Updated 12/11/2017 – I bought this tent in 2013 after having an epiphany about all the weight I was stuffing in my backpack. It never occurred to me I might get my pack weight under 30 pounds. I was often happy to only have 50 pounds on my back. I once labored for a week under a 70-pound pack, at altitude. But then I saw other folks go lightweight, successfully. I realized a lightweight tent would need to be part of my solution. I was familiar with big-name tent companies and how their prices went up as the weight went down. But then I met someone with a Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo. This tent was light and seemed strong enough. It had plenty of legroom for my 6′ 2″ frame and was well ventilated. The best part was the price – it was just over $100 for the 30-ounce model! You have to use a hiking pole for the single tent pole, but I have those with me anyway. So I bought one. I’ve now used it backpacking, cycling, and on motorcycle touring trips. It has survived heavy thunderstorms. I like it so much I’m seriously considering its larger sibling, the Lunar Duo, when it comes time to replace my 2-person tent.

JetBoil Flash Cooking System (stove) Updated 12/11/2017 – I bought this stove about six years ago after my well-used Coleman Apex II stove’s fuel line finally wore out and split. You can’t do much fancy cooking on it, like simmering or sauteing. Or baking in an Outback Oven. But you can boil a couple cups of water in about 90 seconds. That’s pretty handy. Not being able to get fancy in your camp kitchen also helps keep your pack weight down – no need for extra pots and pans.

Keen Voyageur Hiking Shoes (shoes) Updated 3/11/2018 – I bought these shoes recently in my search for lightweight hiking shoes with a pretty stiff sole. I want a shoe that will protect my feet from a full day of stepping on uneven ground and jagged rock edges, without adding extra weight to be lifted with every step. They felt ok when I tried them on in the store, and for a walk around the house. After one day of hiking on- and off-trail, I’m still ok with them. I’ll update this review after I put more miles on these shoes.


Bicycling Gear

Motorcycle Travel Gear

Other has hosted my websites for over ten years. I’ve been quite happy with their offerings and especially their customer service. They answer the support line quickly and address my requests for help promptly.

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