Shepherd Mountain Hike

Shepherd Mountain tower

Shepherd Mountain Some consider Shepherd Mountain part of the Caraway Mountain range. Others consider the Caraway Mountains to just be the northern end of the Uwharrie Mountain range. The summits in either range barely reach above 1,000 feet in elevation. At 1,157 feet above sea level, Shepherd Mountain is the tallest of these mountains, however you […]

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2017 Bike Travel Weekend


In 2016, Adventure Cycling Association promoted the first weekend in June as Bike Travel Weekend. They encouraged cyclists to get out for an overnight ride to somewhere, anywhere. The goal was to motivate more people to choose cycling as a mode for travel. You could ride to a friend’s house and spend the night or […]

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More Counting

Backpacker Gear List shirt, dark

Continuing on in the spirit of counting things, I’ve just released a few new items to further your own counting enjoyment. If you already have a copy of the Uwharrie Lakes Region Trail Guide, you know there are lots of trails detailed in the book. Now there’s an easy way to count your hikes on […]

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Counting 100 Counties

Camp dinner

Did you know the state of North Carolina has exactly 100 counties? A nice round number like that can make for an irresistible target, especially for someone who remembers counting along with Count von Count, enjoys geography, and has a bit of a travel itch. NC’s 100 Counties first came into focus as a target while […]

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2016 Uwharrie Trail Thru-Hike

Are you ready for a hike?! The Land Trust of Central North Carolina is hosting their fourth annual thru-hike of the Uwharrie Trail, May 19-22, 2016. Forty miles of backpacking over four days to raise awareness of the natural beauty of the Uwharrie Lakes Region and trail protection efforts of the Land Trust. If you’re […]

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Trouble In The Dark

Brian and I stood on the tail end of the ferry and watched the last of the light slip over the western horizon. Our motorcycles swayed with the waves in the gloom. Halloween night officially arrived as our ferry docked on the dark shores of Ocracoke Island, former hideout of Blackbeard the pirate. Our adventure continued. Sent […]

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Getting On The Road Again

Brian and I were somewhat shocked last year to realize it had been more than five years since our last motorcycle trip together. This was true despite seeing each other several times a year (he is married to my first cousin). There was no particular reason for our lack of trips other than time, distance, and life’s increasingly busy schedules. No doubt many […]

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Trail Areas of the Uwharrie, Part 3

This is the third of a three-part series about the different trail areas covered in the second edition of the Uwharrie Lakes Region Trail Guide. The guidebook is organized in sections, one for each geographic area containing trails. Sections are ordered alphabetically, making it easier to find a specific trail area when flipping through the […]

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